Toes in the snow, hands to the sky. | You as muse – photography in Evergreen, Colorado.

Inspirational Quote Ballerina Snow

Toes in the snow, hands to the sky. Whether winter or spring, I can always fly.

~ katy moses huggins 🙂

When you love something, when you’re drawn to it – when your heart connects to it, you make it happen. You find the time, you find the money – you find a way to make it happen, without question, without excuses. What are those things in your life? Is it exercise? Meditation? Work? Family? Baking? Travel? You may not even realize how special they are to you – you just know that they’re part of you and they have to happen in your day, your week, your  month and your years. But give it attention today – right now – and honor it, whatever it is. This is part of you and it is your story and your truth. Think about creating a visual of this thing – photos from your travel adventure, images of you with your family, and write a few words about the emotions you feel when you’re doing this thing. (The image above captures a beautiful girl who would dance all day!)

For me, I have a few of these things. At different times in my life, I make more and less time for them, depending on what is happening and where my brain is. For the last 13+ years, one of these things is yoga. It makes me feel centered, focused and brings positive thoughts to the front of my mind and helps wash away the negativity.  I love it so much, I’ve done the more intensive teacher trainings to really dive in and understand it from the inside and have a greater understanding of it’s history. For me, yoga sets a great foundation of calm, integrity and inspiration – it makes such a difference in my life.

What makes you feel this way? I’d love to hear more great ideas on how you connect. Put in your thoughts below. ❤

My toes on the mat.

inspirational yoga mat quote



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